Ardbeg Distillery Spirit Vat Levels

As an additional project to their new CIP system, Ardbeg Distillery looked to Advanced Electrics Ltd to install new level detection and displays in their bulk spirit storage vats. Liaising with VEGA Controls, a system was designed to measure the level within the vat’s to less than 2mm accuracy, more than satisfying HM Revenue and Customs requirements. New radar level transmitters were installed in 5 bulk spirit storage vats, with displays in the main control room as well as the Filling Store area. Using these displays the Warehouse operators can establish exactly how much spirit is in each vat. Additional to this, the system was tied in with the new CIP system PLC to allow Distillery operators to see the volumes stored in each vat to within 1 litre.

project details

Client: Ardbeg Distillery

Works Completed: Level detection and displays installation.