Glenfarclas Distillery Malt Intake, Milling, Mashing and Tun Room Automation

In order to increase their production and consistency levels within their plant, Glenfarclas Distillery looked to Advanced Electrics Ltd to design and install a new control system to automate all aspects of their Malt Handling, Mashing and Fermentation processes. Working with the management team at Glenfarclas Distillery, Advanced Electrics Ltd designed, manufactured and installed 3 new bespoke Motor Control Centres, as well as a state of the art Allen Bradley PLC and SCADA system to replace the ageing manual system. All new containment and cabling associated with the upgrade was also installed prior to the Distillery shutting down to change over to the new system. During that shutdown period the changeover took place, with all new equipment being setup and tested without a hitch prior to the Distillery starting up again after their ‘summer holidays’.

project details

Client: Glenfarclas Distillery

Works Completed: Malt Intake, Milling, Mashing and Tun Room Automation